Ovulation Induction

In those women who do not ovulate on a regular basis or do not ovulate at all, ovulation induction is achieved either using a mild fertility drug known as Clomiphene or in some instances injectable drugs known as Gonadotrophins.

Clomiphene is a tablet taken from the 2nd to the 6th day of a bleed and will induce ovulation in most women. Some women will however not respond to Clomiphene and will require injections for induction of ovulation.

When Clomiphene is used a scan is performed usually on approximately day 10 of the cycle to ensure that ovulation is going to occur and to exclude over stimulation of the ovaries. If ovulation is shown to occur with one or 2 follicles within the ovary, then Clomiphene can be taken subsequently without the need to scan.

If injectable drugs are required for ovulation induction, scanning is always necessary as there is an increased risk of over stimulation of the ovaries. The particular type of treatment required will obviously depend upon the individual needs of the woman.