Individualised IVF Treatments

One To One Care in IVF

Going through any form of Assisted Conception, IUI, IVF and ICSI can be extremely stressful in many ways and it has been shown that the treatment itself is the main stressor and most likely to evoke anxiety. The role of stress during treatment on treatment outcome has been of considerable interest with variable findings.

Treatment at a large Fertility Clinic can often be impersonal, seeing a different doctor every time and having different people perform the scans and procedures. Contact with the clinic can also be suboptimal and those small questions that may seem irrelevant can lead to increased anxiety.

Treatment on a one to one basis offers many advantages and certainly offers continuity of care:

  • I offer individualised care plans and treatment
  • I see couples prior to treatment to discuss treatment and options
  • I go through the injections to ensure couples fully understand how to administer the drugs and why
  • I scan women throughout their stimulation with flexible times for scanning
  • I perform the egg collection and embryo transfer (or IUI)
  • I perform the first early pregnancy scan and give advice regarding early pregnancy antenatal testing

Throughout the entire process I can be contacted via my personal telephone for any queries no matter how small.

All procedures including intrauterine insemination, egg collection and embryo transfer are, in accordance with HFEA regulations, performed in a licensed fertility centre and I currently use CRM London which is located at 111 Park Road, London, NW8 7JL. The CRM has excellent success rates and the highest quality laboratory facilities.

I also offer additional treatments such as endometrial ‘scratching’ and intralipids where indicated and appropriate.

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