Fertility Treatments

Amanda Tozer provides fertility treatments for many women and couples in London.
Infertility is a common problem for whom one in 7 couples seek investigations and some form of fertility treatment. The type of fertility treatment that may be required will depend very much on the age of the woman, the length of time the couple have been trying and cause of their infertility. The most important part is the initial investigations, which should include a semen analysis for the man, pelvic ultrasound scan for the woman to ensure that there are no pelvic abnormalities, tubal testing to ensure that both tubes are patent and blood hormone tests to look at ovarian reserve and ovulation. Once all the necessary fertility tests have all been performed to establish the cause of infertility, the type of treatment if necessary, can then be decided upon.

One of the most common causes of sub fertility is in fact unexplained (no cause found). Other common fertility problems include tubal disease and ovulatory problems in the woman and sperm problems in the man. It has been clearly proven that success of any fertility treatment declines as a woman gets older and it is therefore important to make a diagnosis on the cause of infertility so that appropriate treatment can be implemented if required.

Types of treatment available include Ovulation Induction, Intrauterine Insemination, IVF treatment, use of donor sperm in intrauterine insemination or IVF, use of donor eggs in IVF treatment and surrogacy.